phono preamp with volume control

Hello. I am looking around for a phono pre-amp with a volume control. I see that EAR has one. What are some others?
Also, balanced outputs would be a nice plus.
Art Audio has a volume control option on their Vinyl One. You could always wire in an attenuator on most any phonostage. Or use something minimalist like the EVS attenuators.
If line and phono combo is ok with you, I highly recommend klyne's. It has volume control too and balanced option.
The Manley Steelhead has a volume control. Lotsa reviewers like it, but it's not cheap. I use one for my phono, and I also put my digital source through its line input using single ended connections. (The digital source also goes direct to my line preamp via balanced connections, allowing a quick A-B with and without the Steelhead in the signal path.) Sounds great.
The Aesthetix Io has an option for a volume control plus a single switched high-level input. Also not inexpensive. Alternatively, the full function Aesthetix Janus preamp gives an outstanding phono stage combined with a very good line stage in a single chassis at a moderate price.
Thanks for the responses, everyone.


hello, i am using a aiwa plug-in phono turntable from the past decade and am plugging it into my late 70s stereo system that has phono/aux outlet. it appears that now my left hand side phono jack outlet on the stereo system is 'dead' and i am only hearing half the sound from the turntable. when i turn the stereo on to am/fm it sounds much louder. there is no grounder from the aiwa--just two plug-in phono jacks. is there a way i could get a phono pre-amp with volume control that would compensate for the loss--one that would be able to plug into the jack. i love this old stereo. i have a good system with a couple of extra speakers around the room and it has a full sound. i just don't want to let it go.
but maybe that is the case.
PS Audio GCPH. A fine unit.
Coincident Statement Phono. Also has one aux input for a CD player or similar source.
In my system, EAR 88PB is the best option within the same price range.

A couple of years ago I sold my new PS Audio GCPH and purchased an Art Audio Vinyl One. I'm keeping the Vinyl One. Wonderful performer.
I see the ARC Ph7 has both volume and balanced outputs...haven't heard it in a while...
PS Audio GCPH has one. In fact I use its variable out to feed directly into a tube power amp w/ superb results. I super happy. It also sounds great with my Cambridge Audio integrated amp.