Phono preamp with mono switch?

I'm looking for an affordable phono preamp (let's say less than $1,000, with less better, of course) that includes a mono switch. I don't need all those fancy EQ settings, as I won't be playing pre-1957 records, but I'd really love to get my hands on a decent phono stage with a mono button.

New or used would be OK, and good sound would be great.

Thanks very much for any thoughts, any suggestions, any contenders.

-- Howard
Hagerman Cornet I or II have it

both can be found used for around 4-500
PS Audio GCPH which usually goes for about $500 and sounds good.
Almost any of the many very good "vintage" phono stages will have a mono switch, and I wish modern day manufacturers would take note. The improvement in playback of mono LPs when you have mono circuitry vs stereo is not small or insignificant.
PS Audio GCPH has a mono switch and super-easy loading settings as well. Breeze to use and excellent sound. Used about $500 is correct.
The GCPH has fairly fast rectifiers, and shows a dramatic
improvement(much more realistic) in presentation, via the use
of upgraded fuses(ie: Hi-Fi Tuning Supreme) and power cords.
If you can solder; it's easy to install HEXFREDS and upgrade
the regulators, ie: with
Bellesons(, and RCA jacks, as well. The transformer can be
removed and separated from the main chassis, making it even
quieter. The unit has many conveniences, via it's remote that
most other phono stages don't, like the MUTE, MONO, PHASE, and
VOLUME functions, that make it attractive, and capable driving
a power amp directly.
Just FYI: There's one on eBay ( and one on Audiogon ( , selling for about the same price.
Rodman, IMO, Schottky diodes sound WAY better than Hexfreds. You just have to be careful about the fact that Schottkys in general have a lower forward voltage drop than do Hexfreds, so the voltage out of the rectifier will be a few volts higher with Schottkys. In low voltage solid state designs like the GCPH, that may make a difference, or not. But what was your point? This thread is about mono switches on phono stages.
Thanks for the suggestions -- I appreciate them.
-- Howard
@L- IF the OP was interested in the GCPH; he may be interested in knowing there are easy ways to upgrade it. Those other posters, that are using them, as well. What do you care, what my point might be? Are you a self-appointed Thread Nazi?
Graham Slee can personally fit his phono preamps with a mono switch. My Era Gold V has one.
would be great to have A+B, A or B switching capabilities, maybe with different EQ settings. KAB offers the TDL 4010 restoration preamp. I'd like to find a passive equivalent to connect with any phono stage.
Dear Rodman, It was not my intention to offend you by asking the reason for your post. I am here to learn, and so I was just curious to discover whether I was missing something. Apparently, I was not. In future, please do not toss around the "Nazi" label so freely, especially in my direction.
"and GOOD SOUND would be great." The greater portion of my posts, was intended to address this desire of Howard's. IOW: Mentioning ways to achieve, "good sound", should he have interest in the GCPH. Apparently; you missed that something, in his original post. Happy listening!
Cocoabaroque, do you know about this Rek-O-Kut equalizer. Does it better match what you are looking for?