Phono Preamp Tube Rush

I HAVE A ROGUE AUDIO 99 WITH PHONO STAGE.AT 12 olock I get a low level hiss.Can only hear it with no music on,between tracks and during quiet passages.Rogue rep. told me to get quieter [email protected]$15 each.Is tube rush normal.I spent big bucks for this preamp.Am I over reacting. Thanks all!
I have had this problem. After lots of research I found that the tube phono stage as shipped by the factory had an input resistance that did not match my cartridge. The factory has sent me new resistors to be soldered in that will match my cartridge. I haven't completed this yet & so can't say that it solved the problem, but if you e-mail me I'll let you know if it did in a couple of days. (my phono stage is a Cary PH-301)
David99, In a high gain tube pre-amp, tube rush is practically unavoidable. Graded tubes which have been tested for low noise levels and noise spectrum will reduce this, but rarely eliminate it. It simply isn't a solidstate circuit. In general, BE GLAD!! As long as the tube noise doesn't interfer with your ability to appreciate the music, try not to obsess over it. Just my $.02.