phono preamp to use with emm labs dcc2 preamp


I use the emmlabs dcc2 and cdsd with my lamm amp and wanted to add vinyl to the mix.

On the one hand as a vinyl newbie, I don't want to spend a ton of money for this nor get a complicated setup

On the other hand, there is no point in getting a turntable and phono preamp if I buy something vastly inferior to the stellar dcc2 and cdsd.

So can anyone recommend a phono preamp that works well and is well suited with the emm labs dcc2.

Even better, can someone also recommend a turntable to go with the phono preamp that works well with the emmlabs dcc2.


Just a few out of many recomendations:

Manley Steelhead
LAMM LP2 Deluxe
Tom Evans "The Groove"

The turntable:

Grand Prix Audio Monaco
SME 30/2
SME 20/2
EMT 948
THe above are great selections ... but the system will cost as much or more than your CDSD and DCC2 combined.

I am curious could you spend a lot less than this, and still compete or better the sound of the CDSD/DCC2.

I was considering the Whest PS phonostage.20, Tom Evans microgroove, EAR 834P, as less expensive phonostage possibilities ... I would even wonder whether it is possible to go lower than these ??
I agree with Jtinn's recommendations. I think you are wise to make sure the phono preamp is a good one, as that is ususally the weak link in the analog chain.

I can recommend a couple of others, which are slightly cheaper, (but not quite as good, but close) including:

Pass Labs Xono (Solid state unit that is very quiet)

The Aesthetix Rhea (very user friendly, but slightly noisey due to the stock tubes. Tube rolling can really help.)

As far as tables, any of the better models from Basis, Teres, or VPI will work.