Phono preamp to compliment my system... help me :

Hey guys, i need to finally make a move on a phono preamp. I just emailed someone about a sonic frontiers SFL-1 preamp and need a phono stage. I am using an oracle alexandra/well tempered classic arm/denon d103 cart. I am using SS amps as well. I am looking for a warm, and pretty acurate sound from my TT system. The speakers of choice are mortdaunt short's or my magnepans.

I am definitely in the used market, and will consider anything under 500 used and most likely buy anything under 350.

Thanks all - Evan
I don't recommend anything cheap for low output MCs. Better to get a high output MC. For your price range you will be sacrificing musicality and resolution for the low output handling capability. I've been there...

Now I use a Monolithic Sound PS-1 (dual mono,$400 list) with an Ortofon X5 MC (2mV). You can always get at a later date the optional dual mono outboard power supply for $259. The bass will be as deep as your digital rig's.
I forgot to add, that if you get your power conditioning taken care of properly and get the Monolithic dual mono outboard PS (which also has three stage noise filtration) you could be able to effectively use medium output MCs in the 0.8-1.0 mV range, like the Benz ACE (sweet). It depends on your linestage. Mine can do the job, so that's an upgrade option I have. Check your linestage's input sensitivity and call Greg at Monolithic Sound. He'll help you out.