Phono preamp: Sutherland 20/20 or Manley Chinook?

Hi guys -

I'm looking to upgrade my Lehmann Black Cube twin phono preamp to either of the above (also open to other suggestions).

System is Michell Gyro/SME 309/Benz Micro Glider SL (low output MC); EAD Pre/Pro; Bryston 9BST power amp and Dali Euphonia MS-4.

I want a warm sound and very musical presentation that pulls you in and doesn't fatigue - hence these two on the shortlist. I am not after the nth degree of detail or insight but would like kindness and tolerance of surface noise for some of my less than perfect recordings.

Max budget is $2500; used is ok too provided I could find a 240v version of the Chinook.

Has anyone compared these two phono preamps? What did you go with?

All suggestions gratefully recieved!
I think you can have Ms. Manley put the right transformer in a Chinook if you are buying it new (not sure of the price.)
Contact Keith Herron at to see if he has any used VTPH-1mc phono stages available. It would be the best bang for the buck you will find.
Forgot to mention that Keigh Herron will make sure the phono stage is set for the correct voltage.
Liberty B2B-1

Are you familiar with the above phono preamp ?

Good Listening, From its maker

Thanks Mechans - I can get the Chinook in 240v - I'm not sure however of how it compares to the 20/20.

Bpoletti - The Herron seems like it might not be quite warm enough in my system but appreciate the suggestion

Pbnaudio - The liberty looks good but am unsure about its Class A operation and heat generation - I am already challenged with heat dissipation in the current set-up. I am installing fans to alleviate this but want to avoid a lot more heat. Having said that - that is one disadvantage (I would have thought) of the Manley vs the 20/20 - i reckon the latter would run a fair bit cooler?

The little Liberty only dissipates a mere 25 watts so heat is a non issue. You could take one for a spin in your system as we have a 2 week trail period, I'm pretty sure you will be quite pleased with the results :-)

Good Listening

Ha! Ask for a recommendation on two products, get recommendations for two different ones. Never heard the Sutherland. I own the Chinook, but wouldn't classify it as warm. I do find it musical and non-fatiguing though. Good luck.
Not sure Sutherland will be warm enough for you either. There's a Zesto Andros for sale here not too far from your price range that might be worth a look. Or maybe an Allnic 1201? Best of luck.
Another suggestion if I may - check out the BMC mcci which is mc only phono stage but a truly excellent unit. Rave reviewers in stereophile.
You can find a used one easily for your budget.
EAR 834P is the warm phono stage you are looking for and save some bux. I had both the Chinook and the EAR (now the Steelhead) and the EAR is tubey and warmer, the Chinook being more detailed and dynamic.
I would call Keith Herron and see if he has any demo units of the VTPH-2. It does exactly what you want and does it better than the Chinook which I also auditioned. It is in your budget. It is a fine piece of equipment which more than fit in a relatively more expensive system than the Herron (Magico, Esoteric, Basis etc). It stands in my opinion with units costing much more.
Steve- You mentioned the OP would save money with the 834 Deluxe. It has gone up in price AGAIN, and is $2595 as of January 2014. If I'm not mistaken, the Chinook actually costs less. I would think the K @ K, along w/ the Herron already mentioned, would be great choices as well. I have heard the phono stage in the Ear 912, and it was indeed on the warmer sideĀ…!
FJN04 - perhaps i'm missing something but not sure about what you mean by [email protected]?

Teeshot - the straight 834 certainly has increased in price - it used to be much less I think! Still - i'll explore as it certainly seems to have the kind of sonic signature i'm after.
I agree with teeshot. IMO, the Herron VTPH-2 is in a class all by itself at the top of the heap. Getting a demo for your budget amount would be a great score.
Wadiman- Just google, k and k audio. Kevin Carter is a well respected designer who worked for VAC, and on the design of the Art Audio Reference phono stages.