Phono preamp suggestions under $1000

I have 2 turntables, both with mm cartridges. I would like the flexibility of the preamp handling a mc cartridge if I decided to make the change. I listen to streaming music and vinyl albums. Music choice is often jazz, blues, and 70s rock (if that matters). Thank you 
To be honest, unless you are willing to spend a lot more, using MCs for the sake of it is a waste of time. 
What you are forgetting is the OP wants 2 phono inputs. That is why the GoldNote was recommended.  

well, a cheap phono stage with two input is some sort of utopia, the Gold Note is not cheap at all, and to be honest, with all the usability benefits it is not better than JLTi in my system.

The Gold Note PH-10 is not good for MM cartridges, because there is no way to unload the cartridge up to 100 000 Ohm. The Gold Note is better for LOMC cartridges with great optional loading that this phono stage can give. But for MM they got only 47 000 Ohm and 20 000 Ohm (to make MM cartridge dull with roll off freq.). 

Like the OP i like MM/MI cartridges and a perfect phono stage for them is modified JLTi, the manufacturer can made a mod and a buyer can use optional RCA plug-in load Resistors for MM (100k is always better for mabny MM/MI cartridges). This is great, but the trade-off is only one input with a gain switch, same input can be used for MM or LOMC. The price is great (mk4 is under $1k), i am using mk4, the mk5 with better power supply available too for a price near $1k. 


Wow...slippery slope. Now I am trying not order a manley chinook special edition, focusing on 1 turntable. I have the money, yes...but. Whew...Google searches are tough. Yes...a bit higher than my original $1000
Thank you to everyone for the advice. 
I bought a Cambridge 640p a while back and added a very groovy Pangea P100 power supply to use instead of the supplied "wall wart" and it sounds great (just switched to a MC cart and it's still great). Neither is available these days unfortunately, but I think Cambridge Audio phono gear gets less props from the geekmasphere as it's relatively inexpensive and made in China...still...great stuff.