Phono preamp suggestions under $1000

I have 2 turntables, both with mm cartridges. I would like the flexibility of the preamp handling a mc cartridge if I decided to make the change. I listen to streaming music and vinyl albums. Music choice is often jazz, blues, and 70s rock (if that matters). Thank you 
Just read more about JLTi from other users on audiogon here.
Very few people on here know what it is and i am surprised about it, instead we have that cheap piece of schiit in every posts, crazy world. People eat what has been advertised, but a lot of interesting stuff is not on radars. 
I had a Gold Note PH10 for a few months; it was okay, nothing to get excited over at least with my system. I found it was noise prone which required a lot of adjusting to get right and even then it was still noisy.
It was very good in the mid range, so so on the low end and not well detailed on the upper range.
Honestly for under $1000, you should find a Clear Audio Smart V2, it’s quite a nice preamp for the money. I recently sold one in mint condition for $350 and it’s as good as the Gold Note or better when you consider it’s quieter and has as good a sound stage/imaging performance; just not the impressive mid range.

When you are ready to go to MC, plan to spend a lot more money for the cart and a good phono preamp which can take advantage of the more detail you’ll extract from the records. I am on my second Whest phono stage after having just moved up the ladder in their line up. And I picked up an Ortofon A90 MC which is spectacular.
Mc cart...I am getting my pl600 (silver) returned. Thought of swapping the at cart for a mc cart. One preamp to rule them all?
Schiit Mani is great at only $130. If I had to buy a another phono, I would definitely try the Cambridge Solo for $199. Currently the best measured phono over at ASR.
@chakster What you are forgetting is the OP wants 2 phono inputs. That is why the GoldNote was recommended.