Phono preamp suggestions under $1000

I have 2 turntables, both with mm cartridges. I would like the flexibility of the preamp handling a mc cartridge if I decided to make the change. I listen to streaming music and vinyl albums. Music choice is often jazz, blues, and 70s rock (if that matters). Thank you 
Take a look at the Aural Thrills Audio Serenade in your budget new, has MM and MC @50 and 60db gain. This is a sleeper of a photo stage, uses 4 12AX7 tubes in an all tube stage and responds very well to tube rolling if you so desire. Have had mine in my headphone system for 6 months and love it, have used with AT ART9, Lyra SL Helikon, Dynavector DRT XV1s and a Grace F9Ruby.Enjoy the music.
Furutech GT40α Alpha does it all, was well reviewed in UK and is less than $600.
Not sure if this is a dream, but i would like it to control both tables and remember the settings for each. Avoid me constantly tweaking the phone preamp when I swap tables. Seems like the Gold Note does that, but I would have to find one used. 
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The more I read about the gold note, the more I like it. Wish I could hear one