Phono Preamp suggestions between either Gold Note PH-10 or Whest TWO.2

I'm starting to look at Phono Preamps to pair up with a Hana MC low output SL cartridge and am looking to upgrade from my current Clearaudio Smart Phono V2. I am not unhappy with the performance of the Clearaudio phono pre but would like to compare it to a few other preamps and am also getting the bug to upgrade.
I'm initially looking for anyone that has had experience with either one of the Preamps in my title line but am also open to suggestions on other Phono Preamps under $2500. 
Once again, READ the thread closely. OP said he was open to other phono preamps even though he had a particular interest in the two brands he specified.

Your snarky response to my first reply was rather arrogant on your part. And no, I don't need Fremer's approval to buy a product. I only use reviews as a "heads up" to check a product out and see if it is worthy of a closer look.

Yes, I own a QHW "The Vinyl" phono pre. Yes, doing my research tells me it is better in my system than the Gold Note. The QHW uses extremely high quality parts, can handle both MM and MC, and has a plethora of adjustments for both. And last but not least it sounds great and doesn't break the bank to own. Maybe you should check it out.

Any questions?......
No questions, I have different phono stages, some are better than Gold Note, but not for every cartridge. I don’t like all those micro switches on the back, I remember iPhono 2 with similar options. JLTi mk4 and mk5 is nice little box with optional RCA-plug load resistors on the back.

I think the Gold Note solved the issue better than others with their display and one rotary knob for all settings, this is amazing feature. XLR output also very important for people who need a long run of cables to the phono stage. 

But, If I ever buy another it will be AuroraSound VIDA
I don`t know the other one, but I have the PH-10 and I am satisfied. If I would upgrade in the future I would ask first the manufacturer. Some says it`s silly, coz everybody in the industry using the RIAA curve, but I could find many Decca/London or Columbia/America LP-s which benefited from the options of PH-10. I am using 100Ohm with my 0.2mV Ikeda 9TT cart.  
@korakotta.. Thanks for your info on the PH-10. I've read a number of the prior Agon posts on the recording industry equalization curves and it is interesting information.