Phono preamp suggestions...

I'm getting back into vinyl and I lost track of recent developments in phono preamps. what's a good choice in the under $1,000 range (used). I'm using two cartridges: .5mv and 2mv ouputs. I like tubes if that helps.

EAR 834P with the MC option. Tubed and very nice for around $995 new. Also has a volume control option if your only vinyl based.
I agree with Franks. The EAR 834P is the best phono stage I've owned in your price range and I've had several over the years.
If you can find a used NYAL Moscode Super-It, one of Harvey Rosenberg's products from the l980s, you'll be in hog heaven. Shouldn't cost more than $l50-200, uses three l2AX7s, and has served my $6,000 vinyl front end for years. Modded with a new power supply and NOS tubes it sounds even better. Cheers, Dave
Forget the hype - "try out" a Black Cube.