Phono Preamp Suggestions

Looking for a phono stage that will work with a Benz Micro low output Ruby 3 cartridge. I require balanced outputs and a volume control. Budget is less than $3,000, new or used. Also willing to consider full function preamps which meet the requirements. Any suggestions or recommendation will be greatly appreciated.
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Art Audio Vinyl One
I think you should give this one a try:
the versatility of this phonostage is so far second to none.
i wish it becomes affordable to me(heh probably the next tax refund) and i'll go fully balanced analogue/digital system. it's very easy to rewire your tonearm for the 5-pin din input connector for the phonostage and use the DIN plug available at here: href=
Than I'd use 2x XLR A/B switch href= as I don't have multi-XLR inputs on my preamp.
Thanks for the suggestions, but neither meets my requirements. The Violectric doesn't have an output volume control and the Art Audio doesn't have balanced outputs. Within my price range the only products I know of are the K&K and Clearaudio Balanced+. Just wondering if there are any other I should consider?
Check with Art Audio. They will do custom work and probably balanced outputs.
I would look at a Pass Labs XP-15 demo from Reno Hifi for approximately $2700. It has plenty of gain for your application and meets all of your requirements.
Ignore my comment. No volume control on the Pass.
PS audio GCPH. and if you want to improve it, there are a number of outfits that modify them to whatever level you want. I have one, and I think its a great product. even has remote control.
I only replaced mine with a Manley Steelhead which is better, but it should be for 10x the cost.