Phono preamp suggestions

I have a Pro-ject Xperience Classic turntable with a Sumiko Blue Point No. 2 high output MC cartridge.

I'm looking for some suggestions for a phono preamp that is preferably under $800 (new or used).

Any thoughts?

Phono stages are a nightmare as you cant normally audition them, also personal taste play’s a big part.

However check out “Leema Acoustics : Essential Phono” it’s an exceptional unit priced at about $795
However as your in the States maybe a Jolida JD9 is worth a try, it’s a top piece of kit, at about $500. has a tube output stage. Good luck.
Here is a suggestion although a bit more than your budget.

Liberty Audio

And yes I do make them :-)

Good Listening

Peter makes a great suggestion. I will add the Musical Surroundings Phonomena II to the mix.
I'm very happy with my Vincent PHO-8 and my Jolida JD-9.
Clearaudio makes some excellent phonostages in your price range. I used to own the Smart Phono which was around $600. This phonostage offers both MM and MC capabilities, with enough gain to drive the lowest output cartridges. It is a very simple unit to operate with a single button switching between MM and MC functionality.
Peter, I certainly don't mind manufacturer's posting in the forum section, you bring a wealth of information to us hobbyists.
However, this is the 24th thread in which you have pimped Liberty Audio. Yes, you do acknowledge that you are biased, but I don't think these forums are supposed to be used for shilling your wares.
I have a Pro-ject Xperience acrylic with dynavector 17d3 cart and I use the ps audio GCPH and have been very happy with it. it is a fairly versatile pre.
Cambridge 641P since they don't make the 640P anymore. I have a 640P with a power supply upgrade (Pangea P100) and it is a really well made great sounding thing. It's major flaw is that it might not be expensive enough.
I had the same table and cart as you at one point, with a Jolida JD-9A. not a bad setup. I'd probably try out that new i-phono device that people are raving about. it's only $400 new.

It just happens that I'm immensely proud of this little thing, but you probably
figured this out already. It is far from a big money maker for us so cut me a
little slack will you :-) I could of course post stealth but imo that would not be
the right thing to do although I'm sure it is done many times here and other
places with great frequency.

As far as if this or any other forum is a place for "schilling" ones wares, I'd
much rather be creating "product awareness" about this one [url=]PBN
Audio Olympia PX[/url] form which the little Liberty is derived.

Good listening

Musical Surroundings,end of story.Bought one and never looked back.