Phono Preamp Settings

New vinyl enthusiast. Recently bought a phono preamp (tube box s2) for my linn sondek with an ortofon 2m bronze. Not sure where to start with the the settings? Any links to guides or advice would be helpful. Thanks!


Look at page 2 of the original Tube Box S manual, as it has settings for the 2M Red. The Bronze has the exact same loading settings, so they should be set the same:

You’re right… there are a lot of micro switches. @blisshifi did a great job of answering the qustion.

I owned the Tube Box S many years ago and went up the 2M chain so I knew exactly where to look. :)

you guys are great! lol thanks for the help! ok last question, thinking about upgrading to Ortofon MC Quintet. Is that in the manual too?


I would probably start with the settings they recommend for the Ortofon MC Quintet. And experiment from there. I would imagine that would get you close though.


@harropmv While I really enjoyed the original tube box s when I was starting out, I found the MC stage of the unit to be a bit noisier. I’m not sure if they improved the sonics in the tube box s2, but even if it’s marginal, perhaps consider upgrading to the Ortofon Black using the replacement stylus route. It’s much cheaper that way and may sound better with your phono stage than the Quintet MC, which is quite a low output cartridge at 0.3mV.

It’s also worth rolling the tubes in the phono stage. I personally liked the Psvane 12AX7 and the much more expensive Telefunken 12ax7. Any upgrade over the stock tubes is usually a big improvement. 

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