phono preamp recommendations for Conrad Johnson

Well, after 21 yrs., I recently sold my tried and true NAD 1130, 2200, combo in favor of a Conrad Johnson 2500A/Premier 18LS combo. Initially all I can say is, wow, what a quantum leap forward from every perspective! The NAD 1130 had a particularly nice and relatively versatile phono stage. My question to all of you is, what might be your audition recommendations as to a good phono match to the C-J P18LS? Would like to keep it in the $500-800 lightly used range. Could be ss, but somehow sense a tube phono might be a nice match to these new components. Mabye a C-J EF-1? Those of you who own C-J line stage preamps, what have you found to be a good match? Any and all suggestions are very much welcome! Thank you.
A helpful addendum: My table is a Pro-ject xperience w/ an Ortofon X1-MC cart.