Phono preamp recommendation (under $1,000)

I recently upgraded my Technics SL1200G turntable with an AT33SA MC cartridge. The new cart has definitely exposed the limitations of my Schiit Mani preamp, so now I am looking to upgrade.

Does anyone have a recommendation for an MC preamp (I don't need it to handle MM as well), below $1,000 and ideally below $700?

So far, I have been considering, in no particular order, the Hafler PH60, iFi Micro iPhono2, MOON 110LP V2, Van Alstine Vison Q. I have no previous experience with MC carts or preamps, and no real opportunity to try out anything due to covid, so any constructive feedback would be highly appreciated.

Many thanks!
Phono preamp recommendation (under $1,000)

For that little money, I’d look at (with $950) a very good "maybe used" solid state (for low output impedance) "high gain" phonostage with >60db or more gain, and then a passive preamp like the Shitt Sys for $49 to feed the signal to the poweramp, whatever it is you have??

That setup with really good phono stage for less than a $1000, will probably blow away most complete "phono preamps" worth a lot more.

This looks good it’s a shop, nice low output impedance <500ohm to drive the 10k Schiit Sys nicely, and has up to 68db switchable gain, cartridge impedance-matching, switchable rumble filters, and up to 20v RMS output!!!!.
Offer them $950 you never know..

Cheers George
Nice cartridge, I just bought the less expensive MicroLine version. It beat my beloved Shure, via SUT into existing tube phono in main system.

a similar current thread about a tube phono around 1K

any thoughts about tube or SS? I go for tubes, both preamp and amp. My SUT let me continue to use my tube phono input

I suggest you consider future options now

I was going to use two TTs in my office system, had no phono preamp, 1 MC, 1 MM, found and bought this Cambridge Alva Duo

 that well built unit lets you use either or both MM, MC, front selection, and is a headphone amp. Unusually has a balance control in the back.

I ended up returning it because my plans changed to 1 TT, MM, (easy to do with Amazon). Home-bound, listening after purchase, I would buy only with return full refund option. Then you could buy two, i.e. this and another one, keep which one you prefer, or, not happy, return them both, back to the search.

You may be surprised by it or another less costly unit's sound, leaving you some cash for some new LP's!

my search here for help finding a phono preamp with 2 inputs (or bypass)