Phono preamp rca out to xlr in ??

Has anyone run from the rca out of a phono preamp to xlr in on a preamp ?? I have a Sonic Frontiers Line 2.
I did it when i had my bat vk51se (xlrs only), phono stage was a nagra vps, sounded awesome..
As you may know, tonearm output IS actually balanced. Having fully balanced phonostage with balanced in/out is the best way.
I got the advice from a technician by ASR to use XLR (phono
cable) in the Basis Exclusive and RCA from the Basis to the
amp. 'Sounds better this way' was the argument.
Yeah, no problem. Run the positive to the positive pin on balanced, and the ground to the negative pin balanced. just leave the ground pin in the balanced connector unused.
Will work perfectly.

I use a balanced phono box (Audio Research PH-2) and the output of the cart is connected to the balanced pins as I mentioned.