Phono Preamp Question

I have a Dynavector XX2 MKII cartridge (output voltage 0.28 mV) running through a Fosgate Signature phono preamp. The gain provided by the Fosgate does not appear to be high enough as I must turn volume up very high and that adds noise. Can any of you recommend a phono preamp that provides higher gain for me.
The rest of my system: VPI Aries Extended, ARC Reference 3 preamp, Magico V2 speakers.

60dB is a lot already. 
The Simaudio Moon Neo 310LP offers 72dB when using balanced out (66dB for RCA), and they state a S/N of 88dB for a gain of 66dB.
I run a Pass XP15 with my Dyna xx2mkII with great results, I believe you can get up to 76 db gain and it sounds divine.    

Why give up on the Foz? Consider a step up transformer thru the mm gain setting.

I have a Foz and found MC's around .3mv and less work fine this way.
A used unit/IC's is much cheaper than a new phonostage, and no sonic penalty.

I use the same Dyna XX2MkII cartridge with a ModWright Reference Phono PH-150 (tube phono stage).  Plenty of gain, and it sounds great.
At the risk of losing some street cred, I have the Schiit Mani phono stage and it sounds pretty nice with my older Dynavector.  I did have to parallel some capacitance to tame the highs a little.

Cheap schiit at $129, but sounds great!
+1 @tablejockey for a SUT into the MM input on the phono. 
Thanks for the input folks. I'm going to roll some tubes in and out of the Fosgate to see if that changes things. MZKMXCV noted that the 60db of gain may already be plenty. I love the Magico V2s, but they need tubes in the pathway as they can sound lean without them. So, I'm reluctant to consider a solid state preamp.
"I'm going to roll some tubes in and out of the Fosgate..."

As stated in the manual,the tube the makes the most audible change is V3(12AX7) 

Changing the other tubes will be very subtle at best. Very subjective. Over time, I've changed all of them including the rectifier, can't say it's "better" just different. The most important factor is installing QUIET tubes.

The Foz also seems to respond to a decent power cord. I also use AC regen(PS Audio Power Plant)

Thanks Tablejockey: What tube do you use in V3?

This is an old thread I read when I decided to buy to Foz.

There is some tube rolling discussion. Choice in tube is a YMMV thing and subjective. I tried a few, and presently have a Raytheon Blackplate.

The owners manual also mentions you can try a 12at7 as well in V3

The tube rolling thing will not help with your low gain concern for your cartridge.