Phono preamp question

I have a low output cartridge, Lyra Helikon SE, paired with a low gain pre amp. While it makes beautiful music, sometimes I wish that I had more volume. At the present the volume needs to be at at least two thirds of the way up when listening to vinyl. And, I don't listen to music at what would be considered loud levels. To have similar levels on cds I have the volume control at half that level.

So, my question is, "Would a out board phono stage, such as the Rhea, that has more gain give me more sound level without having to crank the volume control 3/4s of the way up?"
Yes it will.
What full linestage or phonostage are you using? What is the total gain of the linestage? and MM phono? and MC phono? Another option is to use a 10, 15, 20 times stepup transformer with the MM section. Which stepup multiplier to use depends on how much gain you have with line and MM.
Do you know what the phono section gain is? Check that spec with the Rhea and you will have an answer to the gain question. But if you are happy with the sound level you can obtain with your present gain stage why add a additional devise & IC's. There is absolutely nothing wrong with operating your preamp at 2/3d's output, in fact most volume controls sound better beyond 12o'clock. Increasing gain can have downsides, including the production of low level noise when you are using high efficiency speakers or amps with high sensitivity.
Rhea should suffice for Helikon SL if active pre is present after.
For SL version you'll need arround 75dB of a total gain.
I found your response very helpful. I am using a Hoveland pre amp with their built in MC phono stage. I don't want low level noise, especially when I have none now. So, will quit fretting over turning the volume up so high.
As long as you're getting uncompressed dynamics and not pushing the Hovland above its own noise threshhold then I agree with Newbee.

If you are experiencing either of those problems then I'd continue to look for a solution. A stepup tranny as BMCkenney suggested will not add any noise if you get a good one. It can even reduce noise, because you're not pushing the gain stages so hard. That happened when I added my trannies, but I had a new .5mv MC going into an MM phono stage and HAD to have more gain.
I agree with Newbee. On my Supratek, I keep the gain switch on low and turn the volume control way past noon. With the gain on high I can sometimes pick up some tube microphonics, even at low levels. But, with it on low, I can crank it up with no noise.
Dear friend: If you are a music-analog/lover, then you have two directions: I understand that you like your preamp quality sound, so change your cartridge for another one that has a medium/hihg output. or second: change your preamp for a new one that will have a built-in phono stage ( no step up transformer inside ). I disagree with the people that use an outboard phono stage or stepup transformers, why? well the signal from the cartridge is a very delicate one and if you put another stages( outboard phonostage, transformers,adittional conectors and cables )always degrade this signal. In this case: " less is more ".
Go straight.
Best regards.