Phono Preamp question


Does anybody use a tube phono preamp with a tube preamp or is that too many tubes in the mix?

I have a Rega RP3 with Elys2 and use I use a Tube preamp in my system..... I am wondering if I should get a SS or Tube phono preamp?

Any suggestions on what preamp is a good match for the Rega.

I have a tube phono stage built into a tube pre driving tube power amps. In total 26 tubes. Sound is glorius and also dead quite. As far as suggestions you need to specify a price range
Hello. Yes, I use a Manley Chinook tube preamp with a Mystere CA21 tube preamp with no issues. I have a CODA solid state amplifier and Totem Sttaf speakers. I had a Rega Planar 25 turntable but recently replaced it with (gasp!) Pro-Ject Debut Carbon with acrylic platter and Ortofon 2M Black cartridge. I was quite taken with the fact that the Pro-Ject sounds the equal of the older Rega with similar cartridge. Everything works just fine and the sound is quite satisfying. The Pro-Ject is just a weigh station on the way to the VPI Scout 1.1. All cabling is handled by MIT Cables. Good luck!
I use Quicksilver tube phono with tube linestage. All tubes is the only way I would go!
No need to worry about "too much tubes" in your system. A tubed phono stage will work fine with your tubed line stage pre. For a budget option you might consider Shannon Park's Budgie Phono Stage, vailable on eBay for $499. It's moving magnet only (unless you add a SUT), but does offer 16 different resistance settings (from 6.4K to 81.2K) to tailor the sound to your cartridge. Uses two 6DJ8 or 6922 tubes.
Any suggestion on a good tubed phono preamp that goes well with the rega RP3 and elys2 cartridge. I can spend up to $1500 and would consider a used one as well.

Check out Croft acoustics riaa phono preamp,it is $995.Acoustic sounds sell Croft.
BTW the Croft uses 2 12ax7 tubes and is point to point wired.Go on the Croftacoustics site and check it out! Looks like a real bargain to me!