Phono preamp Q re: Technics SL-1900 turntable

Ok, a buddy of mine has the above turntable with an Audio Technica 22780E cartridge. I think it is pretty basic turntable.
He just bought a new DTS receiver and it does not have a Phono input. He is bummed.
I told him he probably needed a separate phono preamp that would go between his turntable and his AUX input on the receiver.

I have no idea what to look for new or used. He is not a high end audio guy-just wants something that will get his turntable to work decently with his receiver.

Any advice on specific products to look for is welcome. I am a digital guy and just want to steer him in the right direction.

Given the rather modest nature of your friend's system, it doesn't make much sense to spend a lot of money on a phono preamp. However, there are several inexpensive yet decent quality phono preamps, including the Parasound PPH-100 ($120), and the Creek Audio OBH-8MM ($199). Both of these preamps can be purchased from Audio Advisor (

Another inexpensive preamp that has gotten good reviews is the Gram Amp (a TAS "Best Buy Recommended Component") that retails for $219. Check the following Web site for info:

If your friend wants something better, then I have two suggestions:
1. a used Lehmann Audio Black Cube, which sells here on A-gon for around $300 (get the original model, not the new one with the enlarged power supply);
2. the Grado PH-1, which sells new for $500, and sells used for $250-300.
You shall have cheaper model like NAD or ProJet. Price shall be less than US$90.
Thanks for the ideas. One other question and I am sorry of it is a stupid one...
What is the difference between a moving coil and a moving magnet cartridge and what kind does my friend above have with the Audio Technica 22780E?
Just want to make sure he does not get a phono preamp that is compatible with his cartridge.
Lkdog- There are a number of threads on the topic of MM, MC and other types of cartidges in the archives. Check it out!!

NAD or Rotel; I've seen the Rotels go used for $100; if he wants to spend a little more, I agree that a used Grado would be a good choice, and it would last through some upgrades if he was so inclined.
Music Hall makes a nice little phono preamp for around $100. I do not remember the model number but one unique feature is the power supply - it uses a standard 9V battery instead of plugging it in to the wall. I think the idea is to isolate it and to keep the noise floor as low as possible. I bought it at a local higher-end dealer who also sold Creek and Rotel products and they recommended the Music Hall for my system as a good lower-cost alternative to those brands. I used it between my Technics SL-5 turntable and a little JVC executive micro system and it sounded fine. If memory serves, you get at least 50 hours of playing time on a single alkaline battery.
Seems I recall that Rat Shack als had a battery-powered phono pre for around $30. Mono, so you'd need two for stereo....

I'm betting that the battery powered versions have a sonic advantage in this price range.