Phono preamp power cable not long enough. New wall wart or use an extension cord?

My power cord for the wall wart of my phono preamp isn't long enough to reach my power conditioner. What is the best solution to fix this issue? Should I look for an aftermarket wall wart or use an extension cord? If extension cord, does the quality matter? Or will a cheap brown extension cord be find? If I should search for a new adapter, where can I find a high quality one that won't have any negative effects on sound quality. I appreciate any advice.
I would use an extension cord, as far as quality of the cord, I doubt it will matter. Any AC current prior to voltage reduction with in the wall wart would not have an impact on the quality of the DC output.

not a scientist or electrician, just my logic.
Or another way of looking at it is, if you are using a wall wart in the first place, why worry about using an audiophile power cord?  Get an extension cord of suitable length from Loew's, at least 16ga, and you can put this problem to rest unless or until you want to upgrade your entire system.  Or find another WW with a longer DC output lead.  It really doesn't matter how you solve this problem.

I have found that any wall wart plugged into my power conditioner (Shunyata Triton) damages the sound.  I have the wall warts (turntable motor and phono pre) connected to a separate power cable (Nordost Brahma) and an Audioquest IEC outlet.  A less expensive alternative would be a power strip with attached cord.

It may be worth trying. See if they would allow you to make a return in case you don't hear an improvement. Interesting, I had never seen those before.
rhljazz, If what you say is true, have you had any second thoughts about the Shunyata?  There's no technical reason why the Shunyata would not work well with a wall wart power supply or at least AS well as it works with any other component you plug into it.  So, I am wondering if it is doing something subtractive that can be sensed when you use it to power highly sensitive circuits, like your phono stage.  But there is one thing you might check; the turntable motor can put noise back into your AC.  Unless the Shunyata outlets are well isolated from one another, you may be hearing noise induced by the turntable motor, when both the motor and the phono are connected to it.  Try running the tt off a completely different outlet with phono connected to the Shunyata.

lewm, the phono preamp (vacuum state JLTI) and phono motor controller (origin live) are the only components in my system with wall wart power supplies.  In theory, the Triton's outlets should not be subject to any influence from the wall warts, but I do notice a difference.  All other components in my system are plugged into the Triton or Nordost Thor which is piggybacked off the Triton.  I have two dedicated  lines plus two more dedicated lines for the subs.  The wall warts with cord/outlet supply are connected to a non dedicated household outlet.

I find the Triton and Thor to be beneficial to the remaining components including the amplifier.