Phono preamp Pass Labs XP-17 or XP-27


I am currently using the pass labs monoblocks with Pass xp22 line and xp17 phono.

I like the sound alot but was curious how much better the xp27 phono preamp is.

I am only one TT and xp27 is much pricier so unless sonically it's much much better than am happy to stick with what I got.


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I used to own the XP-25 phono and listened to the XP-15 quite a bit before I bought the XP-25.
  The XP-25 was quite a bit better than the 15. almost every aspect of the music was better, especially the flow of the music and dynamics, both macro and micro.
   I would anticipate the XP27 has similar performance increases over the Xp17.

 What table and cartridge are you usiing?
Maybe there will be good deals on the 25 now that it’s been superseded by the 27. That’s how I would shop.
I am using a Townshend Rock 7 with an Ortofon A90 cartridge with Harbeth 40.2 speakers
the sound is already fantastic but yes would imagine better still with the xp27 albeit over double the price so would be a down the road thing probably not until they upgrade the xp27 or someone with cash to burn moves up to the xs line and sells xp27 at great deal