Phono Preamp on a budget?

I have 2 Sony Biotracer tables - PS-X500, PS-X600 with cork/rubber composite mats. Carts are Goldring 1012, Grado Blue. Currently using a modded Cambridge 640P with Nichicon Muse caps, and separate toriodial power supply.
I'm contemplating a more refined phono stage below $400 used. Thought of purchasing a Denon DL-103 cart but then will need a decent MC Phono Preamp or MM Phono Preamp with a Step up tranny. That will likely blow my budget.
Have read a lot about the Slee, Cube.... and others.
I lean towards tube type sound. So, it should be musical, not dry.

I'm contemplating the following - -

* Bottlehead Seduction
* Monolithic Sound (posted on Agon)
* Phenomenon

Suggestions please. Any comments on the above considerations?

Thanks Paul
I had the Musical Surroundings Phonomenon Mk 1 which I bought used on Agon. It sounded much better then the NAD pp2 I was using (not that the NAD is bad-its pretty good). I paid $300. Its very flexible and musical. Reviews say the battery pack adds alot, but I was pleased w/o it.
I got a Dynavector P75 used for around that budget. An excellent phono stage that has Phono Enhancer mode that works well with a low impedance LOMC cart (so I'd recommend getting a 103R for it instead of the 103 to take advantage of this).
I've owned the Monolithic and heard the Cambridge and Phonomena in my rig, and consider all to be very close; I kept the Monolithic because it was slightly better in my particular system. I haven't heard the Seduction, but IMHO the other two are a sidegrade. You might like the flavor better, but I doubt you'll hear significant improvement.

I have had the Seduction and the Phonomena II at the same time. I still have and use the Seduction, it has the C4S upgrade and a pair of bugle boy tubes. The Phonomena II wasn't much different sounding than the Cambridge that I had before it if I remember correctly, maybe a bit more refined, it does have lots of loading options which is nice. The Seduction sounded way sweeter and more 3 dimensional than the Phonomena by quite a bit without loss of any detail. Not familure with the others you mention.
I do appreciate the responses. Thinking I may need to up the budget a bit to get something notably better.