Phono Preamp Needs

Hello All:
I've got a ML 38S preamp. Tried the B&K phono 10 phono preamp - almost no gain. Any suggestions on a better matching phono preamp for the 38S.
Thanks in advance.
What's the cartridge output?
I'm using two cartridges right now (just got back into vinyl) a sonus w/0.4 and a micro acoustic 2002e, it doesn't state it on the box but I believe that it's around the same as the sonus.
Try an ARC Ref. phono preamp or on the less expensive side, an Acoustech PHP-1. The Herron and CJ Premier 15 are excellent as well and all should handle your cartridge output needs.
You need at least a 60-65db gain in your phono stage, unless you want to pair it with a step-up transformer, in which case you could get away with 40-45db. The typical step-up transformer will add 20-30db to the signal strength.
Thanks to all for your input!