Phono Preamp from turntable to stereo AUX prob?

Hey guys i just gota a phono preamp to get this turn table working on the stereo but it just makes a humming sound. I tried searching on the net and this forum but couldnt find anything to help me as im a rookie with this stuff.

I think has it got something to do with the ground wire? Cause im not sure where it goes its just hanging off the side.
Do you have a separate, external phono preamp or do you have a preamp that has a built-in phono stage? If the former, connect the turntable's output cable to the external phono preamp (there are 2 RCA plugs and one small spade -- the small spade screws into the grounding screw on the phono preamp) and then connect the phono preamp to a line-level (ie, any input in the preamp EXCEPT "phono" -- AUX makes a good choice) input.

If the latter (your preamp has a built-in phono stage), then connect the turntable's cable to the PHONO input on the preamp, and screw the ground wire to the grounding screw on the preamp.

Either way, the ground wire should be connected.

Hope that helps.