Phono Preamp for Rega RP1

Can you recommend a phono preamp for a Rega RP1 TT with a Rega Bias 2 MM cartridge? I'm currently using a Sony AVR phono input (Sony STR-DA2000ES) and Ohm Walsh Tall 2000 speakers. So far it sounds a little bright. Looking for something under $400. Thinking about:
* Sim Audio Moon 110LP (used)
* Rega Fono MM Phono
* IFI Micro iphono preamp
* Graham SleeGram Amp 2 SE MM
* Clear Audio Nano 2
* Music Fidelity X LPS V3
* Vincent Audio PHO-8
Are there any of these that I should avoid?
I too have the RP1 table and am using the Rega Phono MM. I switched to the Ortofon 2M Blue and prefer the sound of it over the Rega cartridges. I even tried the Elys 2. I run that through a Rotel AVR and Monitor Audio Silver RX8's. I used to have a Sony ES receiver and found it to be the cause of overly bright treble through several sources. Knowing that changing receivers is a big expense I would suggest trying the Vincent PHO-8. The reviews said it had a warmer sound. Good luck.
I have a Cambridge 640p that sounds great, although that might be partly due to the no longer available Pangea power supply. I've heard the newer version (651p?) in a friends system and that one sounds great's a bargain compared to some others and certainly worth a listen.
I appreciate your input. I think I might order two different phono preamps online so I can try them out over the Christmas break. Keep the one that sounds better and return the other.

In the meantime, now I've started researching separate pre/pro and amps. It's like playing whack a mole. Always something to upgrade. But I'm enjoying it.
Okay. I didn't get a phono preamp. Instead I bought a Lexicon RV 8 AV receiver.
WOW! it has made an incredible difference in everything from LPs to SACDs and TV listening.
I've never heard anything like it. It's like 2 lbs of cotton have been removed from my ears. The sound is clear as a bell, not fatiguing. Great separation.
Couldn't be happier.