Phono preamp for Rega Exact II ?


I have a Rega RP3 with an Exact II cartridge. I'm using the phono preamp that comes with the Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum.

While the sound is satisfying, I feel like I'm missing something, the sound is flat, no toe tapping at all. Also, I have to significantly turn up the volume to get the same level of sound I get when using my digital source (PC + Schiit DAC). I understand that the phono preamp in the Rogue can be easily bettered.

So, do you have any recommendations for a phono preamp that would be a good match with this cartridge? I have a $600 budget.

I understand you have a budget, but you really have to stretch a bit more. After owning an Exact, I would venture a guess that what you are hearing is the sound of that cartridge. It's OK, but not very exciting. Move up to something like a Lyra Delos and see what the fuss is all about. If you really can't swing that, try a Goldring Eroica MC for about $900, but still very nice. And a good match for the Rega arm to boot. Enjoy
Thanks Chayro. I just got the Rega cart and I'm planning on using it until it can no longer track. So, at this point I'm looking for a phono preamp with MM and MC capabilities that I can also use in the future when I need to replace my cart. I found a couple of bills so I can stretch my budget to 1k. I don't mind buying a used phono preamp at all. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.
There is a Allnic 1200 for sale here that would be a nice addition to your system.
If you just got the cartridge, I recommend listening to it for a few months before buying an upgraded phono preamp. You might end up liking the Rogue more than you thought and you can save up for something else later.