Phono preamp for old Thorens / new Marantz

I just bought a Thorens TD150 MkII turntable from a friend. Has a Rega RB300 arm w/ Sumiko Blue Point cartridge. Was excited to hear some vinyl but discovered my Marantz SR5004 AV receiver has no phono input. Wasn't expecting to spend more money on this but evidently need a preamp. Any suggestions? Can't spend a lot, but don't want the quality of the turntable to get lost in translation to the receiver.
Entry level units from Cambridge and MF look pretty good. I can definately recommend a DV P75, but that may be over budget.
My favorite has been The Graham Gram Slee Amp 2SE which is perfect for a medium output MM. Their other models for MC are good too I understand. It will cost him $400 new I am afraid. Hard to get around the quality for low mon ey thing. I think $4-500 is about right unless you go real low and call it a day like the Belari.
used Bellari VP129. I've got one if you're interested.
look at the Yaquin phono stage

inexpensive tube stage
Actually I have a very fine under recognized brand new in box Phono Stage by Consonance Opera Audio. I will have to check the price but it once retailed near $1K.
Thank you all for replying. This is my first experience with an Audiogon forum, and am pleased with the feedback. I admit, I'm also relatively naive about audio gear. I wrote back to the fellow who sold me the turntable and he replied, "The Belari sounds interesting, but it wouldn't be good with the Sumiko Blue Point, which is a moving coil cartridge, rather than a moving magnet that the Belari is meant for." He recommended an inexpensive pre-amp (one I hesitate even to admit here, given its cost, but since my (frugal) audiophile friend recommended it, here goes: ART DJPRE II
Grado PH-1