Phono Preamp for new Rega PL6

Recently purchased a Rega PL6 with the Ania MC to be paired with my existing Cambridge Audio 651P.  Don't think the 651P is a good fit as I feel like I have to do a Spinal Tap (turn up to 11) to get adequate sound.  

Any suggestions for a more appropriate phono amp?  
Project DS2 is around 600$ and with 2 really good 12AX7’s sounds about as good as anything ,VP 130 is good , DS 2 is a jump up  and VERY easy to use with any cartridge !
And the Bellari VP130 is an excellent mm phono stage! Too bad it costs so little ($275). If it cost 10X that much it would get more respect from the audio snobs!
Get a Bellari VP130. A great made-in-the-USA tube phono stage! Add the MT502 SUT for your low-output mc. Cost (new) is: $275 + $500 = $775. You might be able to get by with just the MT502 into the mm stage of your Rega preamp. This should give you adequate gain. I have the MT502 in my collection of six SUTs. It is indeed an excellent SUT - and a lot more affordable than some that are touted here!