Phono Preamp for MH MMF-7

I have a musical surroundings phono preamp. Any suggestions on a preamp that may not be so bright sounding? What about the EAR? Any suggestions would be great. Never had any tube gear..... is this the way to go with vinyl?
I once had a MM7/EAR 834P set-up. They work very well together. A tube phono is very easy on tubes so maintenance is not an issue. The EAR's also respond very well to tube rolling.
I use an Audio Research PH3 ($900) and a Sumiko Blackbird cart (750 retail) with mine. Very satisfied.
You may want to try a good tube phono-pre. I am currently using the Wright WPP 100C and am VERY happy with it. Although this version is no longer made, I have heard that the current version, the WPP 200C is just as good. You can get them @ for $825. AWESOME PHONO PRE_AMP!!