phono preamp for Dynavector 20X low

recommendations? Am inclined to go tube, but open to suggestions. Cart is on a VPI JMW 9 tonearm/Superscout TT
What is your budget and what is your preamp? How much gain are you looking for? I am just getting ready to set up one of these myself, having resumed being a VPI dealer after a 14 yeas hiatus. EAR has a good reputation if you are looking at tubes. Check out the transformer in the Stereophile ratings, I think that there is one for $750 that is in class A, my issue isn't at hand.
It's the VAS MC-1 for $749.95. It and the Sutherland PH-3D are the ones listed at a reasonable price. I can't give you a recommendation from personal experience because my preamps usually have enough gain and when they don't I use a Vendetta step up that hasn't been made in years.
Heard some VAS stuff in a VPI room at a show a few years ago, and it sounded quite good. Some of their pieces are designed to mimic the Citation stuff of years ago.

Figuring on spending about 1K, be it used or new. Have been away from vinyl a long time, don't want to overspend until I see what my vinyl listening habits turn out to be.

FYI, am getting back to vinyl after attending the aforementioned show -- the vinyl based rooms almost categorically sounded better than the digital based ones.
Look into the Heed Audio Quasar, I've been told that it is a good match for the DV-20X Low MC.

I'm presently using the Dynavector P-75 MKII with my VPI Scoutmaster / JMW-9 Sig. / DV-20X Low but will be moving up to a Quasar in the next few weeks.
I'll look into the Heed -- on fact a dealer contacted me about it; recommending it w/the XL. Has anybody used the XL with the EAR 834?