Phono preamp and cartridge matching

My Dynavector is offering in 2 output, a high and low out put, here are the value for each cartridge model.

DV20 x 2 H            DV20 x 2 L

2.5 mV                  0.25 mV

47 Kohms            30 ohms

     Clearaudio Basic+

      10 à 50 Ohms 

So do you think the low output cartridge or high out put cartridge would fit better with my Clearaudio Basic+ . And I heard that there is some problems using a MC low output, like too much details and strident sound ? Thank's

I think you can use LOW OUTPUT MC with your CA+ phonostage in MC mode, what's the problem?

Life is easier with MM cartridges, so my advice is to stay away from HIGH OUTPUT MC, makes no sense, if you think your phono stage can't handle LOMC then buy MM or MI to forget about such problems as gain/noise and expensive retipping. 

High Output MC are all inferior compared to Low Output MC, because of the moving mass (more coil winding required). 

For LOMC you can always buy a high quality SUT or Headamp to use with MM input on your phonostage.  

**SPECIFICATIONS of your phonostage

Amplification @ 1 kHz:
41 dB (MM mode)
62 dB (MC mode)

Input impedance :
47 kOhm / 270 pF / MM mode
510 Ohm / 270 pF / MC mode

Signal to noise ratio :
83 db (MM mode)
65 dB (MC mode)

chakster , I don't know if it would be a probem with a MC LO, because I never have one.  As you mentionned I would have a better music with MC LO.  Thank's
What do you think of the Hana MC Low, with my CA Basic + ?

 Hana SL

SL: 0.5mV


SL: >400Ω


5.0 grams


2.0 grams

I don't know if it would be a problem with a MC LO, because I never have one. As you mentioned I would have a better music with MC LO.  

Yes, Dynavector is a great brand, i have a few Dynavector cartridges myself, no problem with output on many phono stages. 

Few years ago i tried High Output Dynavector too, the low output are much more impressive and better in theory. 

Today i would't buy any HO MC, you'd be better with Moving Iron or Moving Magnet if you need high output. 

If you want an MC cartridge make sure to buy LOMC (low output).
0.2 mV is not a problem, but lower output can be problematic. 

Anothr idea is to bring your phono stage to a dealer's shop and ask for a demo with Dynavector if possible. 

chakster   Would I hear more background noises with MC Lo, than with Ho ?  May even be less with MM ?  But MM is less life lke music, compare to Lo MC ?
Would I hear more background noises with MC Lo, than with Ho ? May even be less with MM ? But MM is less life lke music, compare to Lo MC ?

I think it depends on each particular cartridge, the stylus tip type and the quality of your phonostage (and your records too). 

In general any LOMC generate a very low voltage signal and for this reason very sensitive to phono cable and a phonostage too. So you can hear more background noise with it if there is a weak part in your components chain. Phono cable must be very well shielded. 

MM generate much higher voltage signal (from 1.2mV up to 9mV,  depends on the cartridge output). The cable is much less critical to noise, but capacitance of the cable is important for MM (and irrelevant for MI for example). 

Don't let people brainwash your mind with statement that MC is better than MM/MI. I like various LOMC cartridges, but i have many MM/MI that simply better than most of the LOMC that i have owned. So the answer is not that easy, it is always depends on each cartridge. 

I always recommend to read this old article from T.A.S. Magazine, no matter that it's not new, the cartridges in the article are still superior to many LOMC, they are much more expensive nowadays compared to the retail prices mentioned in the article. I have those cartridges, i can confirm they are amazing. There are some MM or MI that you can't go wrong with and the reason why professionals prefer MM is because the sound is closer to the mastertape and the price is much lower than for most of high quality LOMC. 

If your records are not new reissue, but used/vintage records then styli like Stereohedron, MicroLine, MicroRidge, Shibata ... are better choice in terms of less surface noise.  Because the old records are worn by conical/elliptical styli, the advanced profiles goes deeper in the groove and rides previously untouched part of the groove walls (records must be cleaned anyway). So my advice is to look for a cartridges with the best stylus profile, it is all about accuracy in sound. 

The goal of MM or MI is not only a less problematic application with many phonostages, but also a convenience (user can swap the stylus himself).