Phono preamp

I'm french, i'll search a good phono preamp to use with my verdier ,ikeda 407 arm, Koetsu rosewood and Audio research ref one.
I'll just miss a walker ref phono because of a very bad Hifi company MSS .. the king of hifi ....Anyway ,if somebody could give me some advice, i'm really interested
Thanks in advance
A Frenchman looking for advice in the land of freedom fries? Just kidding. Have you looked at the ASR, it has a very good reputation and should be available over there at a good price.
How about an Audiomat from France? Might want to look in to that and demo it if you can. Not sure what your budget is.

If you want some nice natural tube phono - TW Acustik from Germany is excellent - I own one

or if SS, the latest rave is Audia Flight phono from Italy. Two of my audio buddies own them. One of them previously owned the ASR battery phono stage. He says there is no comparison - the Audia flight kills the ASR in every respect, including noise level and especially dynamics and musicality. The ASR in comparison is sterile and one dimensional.

hmmm? tell me more about the Walker and your concerns about MSS
MSS is a bad company fdor me no respect for the customer, i'll ask for this preamp, but they don't mind and sell it!!
I'll never buy something from them,
For everybody
I would like more infos about this Walker preamp!is it a good one or something could be as good as this one i'll thing spcially about AR Phono Ref or a Manley!!
For everybody;
I know audiomat it's good but i'll like something specially good, i'll fix my system now with also a VT100 MK3, and my loved pair of spendor S100 (like you Stanwal), i before used Synetgistic cables , but not happy with them, i'll go back to MIT with a pair of 850 triwire.
My phono preamp for the time is a Sonic frontiers Phono!!!!
Don't wast your time. Go right to a ARC, Ph5.
Jpmo, I was referring to certain elements in this country who have forgotten that French help was instrumental if not indispensable in our revolution and that we have since fought two wars together. Being a historian I was both irritated and amused at the attitude of some Americans in recent years toward your country. The freedom fries was part of the amused part. On a par with renaming sauerkraut "Liberty Cabbage" during WW1.
Dear Stanwal

Your analyze is so clear!!I apreciate, i'm ok with your opinion, but if we speak about usic, what is your impression about the spendors??
Thanks to you
Have a good look at the TRON Seven phono stage.

Fantastic build quality and truly top end sound. Made to order and can be adjusted to suit your cartridge. Comes in standard MC version and also Reference switchable version too.

Graham Tricker, who makes the TRON amps, is the UK distributor for Verdier as well.

All good recommendations. I have not heard the Audia Flight or TW Acustic but have a TW Acustic table and if the phono preamp is as good as the table, it would warrant consideration. Nothing against Manley but I sold a Steelhead for a Tron Seven. Like Charlie above, have a good look at it. It is quite special.
Best to you on your search.
I second the ASR Basis Exclusive. As far as the "noise floor" comment...there is no floor. It is dead quite. Any quieter, and you would have to be living in a vacuum...which I suspect some of us are.
The Manley Steelhead I heard was very good. If the Tron 7 is better it must be special, but I have not heard it. Manley was bested head to head by Doshi Alaap which can be had as a full-featured pre-amp or as a stand alone phono stage with lots of custom configuration options.
Sorry to hear about your experience with MSS. I have to agree with avoiding MSS HiFi, the guy who so calls himself "the king of audio" but has terrible customer service, in fact down right rude. They tried to sell me something that was mis-described and would not own up to it, instead he said shut up and give me the money. I wish I never dealt with them.
I would never buy from them or recommend them.

Sorry to digress above but back to your question have you looked into E.A.R preamps? (, I was very impressed with it's sound when paired with a Clear Audio table.
MSS is just too rude to deal with. Johnny forgets that we have the money and he does not. In fact by removing serial numbers he is doing more than being rude.