Phono Preamp

I upgraded my equipment recently with a Triode Lab 2a3 integrated and a pair of Klipsch Forte III. My turntable is still a Project Carbon 2Xperience Classic, and the phono preamp it's a Pro-ject Phono Box S.

I am thinking about to change the phono preamp and wait a bit for the turntable upgrade. Is very difficult to get a demo for home test, so, according with your experience, witch pre-amp do you recommend with this equipment?

Or is better to go to the full pack and change both, turntable and amp?


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For the money, the little EAR is very good. Works for either MM or MC. Benefits greatly from NOS tubes.
The Herron phono is also a very good suggestion, but more expensive than the EAR. For a less expensive turntable the entry level Kuzmas with arm are hard to beat.

It is precisely devices like preamps, DACs, etc in which small signal tubes are used that have no downside when compared to similar S.S. components. With tube amps things get a bit more complicated.