Phono Preamp

I upgraded my equipment recently with a Triode Lab 2a3 integrated and a pair of Klipsch Forte III. My turntable is still a Project Carbon 2Xperience Classic, and the phono preamp it's a Pro-ject Phono Box S.

I am thinking about to change the phono preamp and wait a bit for the turntable upgrade. Is very difficult to get a demo for home test, so, according with your experience, witch pre-amp do you recommend with this equipment?

Or is better to go to the full pack and change both, turntable and amp?


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@slimpikins5 has given good advice. Any system is only as good as its weakest link. The phono preamp handles the most delicate signal in the chain. A good phono stage is imperative and will make a big difference. I have a JLTi which is made in Australia only now. (use to be Austria& sold in USA)I think You may still order it but not sure. Supposedly upgraded. Herron gets good reviews but is more expensive than the JLTi which was highly favored 10-15 yrs ago. VPI get the nod from me on TT’s

I'm not sure the JLTi has to take a back seat to the Herron. The thread which got me looking at the JLTi was a shootout conducted  and attended by several other audiophiles, including Jay @ Audio Revelation. They all concluded that the JLTi was the best of the several they tried...all much more expensive than the JLTi. Jay subsequently began to sell the JLTi because of it. That thread is at least 10 yrs old now. That said, I have not heard the Herron nor do I know if it was included in the shootout. IIRC, it beat a Whest which was all the rave in a stereophile review that year.  But again, I'm going from memory.