phono pre with Parasound halo 2.1 integrated

Is anyone using an outboard phono preamp with the halo if so which one and what were the results.
The issue is whether the phono preamp will be compatible with your cartridge. Any phono preamp will work fine with your integrated amp.

What cartridge do you have and what is your price range for a phono preamp? New or used?
John.............What about using a SUT into the phono input?  Should help with your lowish output MC cartridge.
I had a Sumiko blue point evo3 just switched to an Ortofon quintet blue.
I was trying to stay under $500 (new or used)but no sure if I’d hear any improvements at that level.
You need about 60 db of gain. Take a look at the thread below.

I recommend a used Ray Sammuels F-117 Nighthawk. They show up occasionally on Audiogon.

John...............If you are still looking for a phono pre, there is a real nice and fully adjustable Musical Surroundings phono pre here for 300.00
IF you need 60 dB of gain, then EAR 834p or Manley Steelhead provide high gain.