Phono Pre with AES AE-3

Does anyone have suggestions for a phono pre that will mate well with an AES AE-3 mkII? I'm guessing that the AES PH-1 is a good bet but I'm sure that there are others.

I've been using a Musical Fidelity X-LPSv3 along with the outboard power supply. I like the fact that it is quiet, but I'm looking for something that can tame some of the harsh sibilants from certain LP's. I'd also like to get more of a "3-D" effect with the soundstage.....I'm probably leaning towards a tubed unit.

My current sources are:
- Marantz(Clearaudio)/Satisfy/Virtuoso Wood
- Linn LP-12/Basik/Dynavector 10x5
The Aqvox mated well with my PrimaLuna PL-2.
I found the X-LPS painfully two-dimensional compared to a Wright WPP200c, Wright WPP100c, EAR 834P, Bottlehead Seduction, and Hagerman Cornet2. Any decent tube stage will sound better than the X-LPS. IMO, you don't need to spend an arm and a leg to get a phono stage that delivers air and spaciousness. If you're willing to build a kit, you can get amazing performance for a bargain. I'd put the Seduction, Cornet2, and Juicy Music Tercel in this category.

If kit building isn't your cup of tea, then it depends on your budget. What are you willing to spend?
My budget would be around $1500 or less, if possible.

The Aqvox is a unit I would definitely check out if I go the non-tube route. I don't need the balanced inputs right now, but I guess that would allow for future upgrades.

I know that the EAR834p has been a popular choice.

I don't really have the skills to put together a kit, but I'd be willing to go for something built by one of those manufacturers. The Tercel looks interesting.
The Eastern Electric MiniMax also seems like a likely candidate as it has provisions for MM/MC low/MC high. It also falls within my budget. Any thoughts on how it would mate with the AE-3 or compare with the phono units already mentioned?
The EE MiniMax substantially betters all units mentioned by a fairly wide margin in my experience. I've owned or heard all units mentioned. The MiniMax is within shooting distance of the best of the best.

No reason why it wouldn't mate nicely with your AES; in fact, I'd have to say it outclasses that linestage (which I've also owned, and it's good).
Thanks, Paul.

I've also considered the newest AES PH-1 DJH (w/Jensen Caps and Hexfreds)at Upscale Audio. The biggest drawback is that you basically have to choose to have the unit setup for either MM or MC: it's non-switchable. Besides that drawback I wonder how it stands up to the MiniMax?