Phono pre to mate with Helikon? & replace Groove

I have a Linn LP-12/Ekos/Helikon playing through a Tom Evans Groove phono stage. I'm looking for maybe a little more gain, and maybe a little more magic.

Budget? I'd like to put in maybe $1500-2000 plus what I fetch for the Groove (close to 2K according to recent sales on A'gon).

Among consideration -- a used Audio Research PH7, and if I stretch it, a four year old ASR Basis Exclusive.

I play all kinds of music, and I like my sonic signature to be pretty dynamic.

The rest of the system is a Cary SLP-05, Cary MB500's and Aerial 9's.

Any advice or help you can offer is appreciated.
The ASR is not what I'd associate with "magic" (but it's precise) and the PH 7 would not be the ultimate in dynamics -- but a nice phono all the same.
At your price point, maybe something like the "LCR Cole" would do the trick... It was dynamic enough when I heard it some time ago, albeit on a Clearaudio based rig.
I use an EAR 834P with my Helikon on a VPI Aries 2 with JMW 10.5 and I am very happy with the performance of this combination.
If you are looking for "magic" with dynamics, I would recommend one of the Counterpoint SA-9s I have seen floating around Audiogon recently. Based on current prices, they would fit within your budget, and should meet your requirements.

I also agree with Gregm's post above: both the ASR and PH7 are very good phono preamps; however, they do not quite seem to match your requirements. The ASR is very clean, precise, and dynamic, with good resolution of detail, but in my view does not possess the same degree of palpable presence (the charateristic I most associate with "magic") that some other preamps have. (With that said, its strength in other areas make it a very worthwhile preamp to have). The PH7, in my limited experience under non-ideal conditions, was not the last word in dynamics.

Other preamps you might want to think about: Aesthetix IO and Wavestream phono. I have heard good things about the Allnic phono preamps, but do not have any personal experience with them.