Phono Pre Selection Advise

Would appreciate suggestions. I am looking for an inexpensive Phono Pre, under $100 new or used. I don’t have a lot of records, so I don’t want to spend much. Ability to play either MM or MC would be a plus.
New I would recommend the Cambridge Audio 540p. Used you can find an NAD pp-2 and maybe a Cambridge Audio 640p.
In that price range your not gonna be happy.
Spend more money, get the PS Audio GCPH. It's worth every extra penny, and then some.
look for a used Parasound Zphono. works for mm and mc. quiet around $100 used.
You can probably get a Musical Fidelity X-LPS (similar to mine, not the V.3) for around $150.
Rotel phono stage is arguably the best in under $200 range.
Retails new for $199-$179 has MM/MC switch.
Some of the Creek models are decent and can be found in your price range.