Phono pre recommendations for Technics SL1210M5G

From any Technics TT owners (running a 1210M5G, myself) I'd like to know what phono-preamp you are using. Currently have a Lehman Black Cube. Thinking that upgrading my phono-pre might be good bang for the buck. Considering a tube-based phono-pre. Budget not final but might be up to $1200. Cartridge is a KAB modified Stanton (nuded cantilever). My system is posted. If you have other recommendations, please let me know. Thanks in advance.
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I like my Heed Quasar. $995.

Flexible for use with MM and MC carts.

I preferred it to the Pass Xono.

I owned a Lehmann Black Cube SE, and while it's an excellent budget phono
preamp, the Heed Quasar performs at a much higher level. Tonality is richer,
and overall sound is much more refined compared to what I remember of the
Black Cube.
Have a KAB 1210m5g myself. My initial setup was with a Gram Slee Amp2 SE phono. I was curious about tube so I picked up a used Pro-ject Tube Box SE. Only had a little time with the tube box, so I will hold back comments. I will say every thing sounds good so far and there is a difference between the two. But will have to do more listening. A tube swap is likely as well.

I am going to demo the relatively unknown Heed Quasar (though mentioned by Tvad above) as well...very soon. Just comparing to see which sound I like better in my system. btw, I'm using an AT150mlx (MM) cart.

I can only buy off-the-shelf, so no DIY kits or mods for me. I am limiting my budget to below $1k. I am primarily a digital guy but having fun with vinyl too.

I haven't heard any other phono amps in my system.

sorry, a correction to my post above: I have a 1210 mk5 not an M5G
Thanks Tvad and Edo -
Tvad, your favorable comments in a past post are the reason I picked up the Lehman. I bought one used here on A'gon and while it wasn't an SE it was certainly a step up from the NAD PP-1 I had. I'll definitely put a Heed Quasar on my short list.

You make a good point about flexibility...I should have noted that I'd like something able to handle both MM and MC (low output if possible)

Edo - I'll be very interested in your thoughts regarding how these 3 pre-amps (Gram, Project, Heed) sound to you.
Looking forward to a followup, if you will.

Thanks again to you both.
Presently, I use a .25mV (low output) cartridge with the Heed Quasar.

The Heed Quasar was recommended by Audiofeil International, and I
auditioned it through Blackbird Audio Gallery, which was my most local Heed
dealer. I'm certain either of these gentlemen can point you in the direction of
a dealer who could provide a unit for audition.
I enjoy
Bozak CMA 10 DL
Urei 1620
Msq - thanks for the input. I'll have to check out your components to identify the phono-pre you use - don't recognize the brands apart from Bozak.
Recently I DIYed a vacuum tube preamp using John Broskie's Tetra phono stage and his Aikido line stage. The tubes I'm using for the phono stage are Telefunken 12AX7 and Amperex 12AT7 (D-getter) while the line stage uses Amperex Bugle Boy 12AU7s. The gain, in this configuration, for the phono stage is 43dB which is OK for an MM cartridge. In addition to upgraded capacitors for the boards, I also used high quality internal wiring and other components so the price of the final product is a little higher than the base kit. I am VERY satisfied with its performance (and it was great learning experience building it). More recently I built a Bob Latino ST-120 vacuum tube kit amplifier which has taken the performance of my system even higher.

I use a Zupreme headshell and an Audio Technica 150MLX cartridge on my modified Technics SL1200MkII. I will soon be fitting a KAB Cardas-rewired arm assembly with Audio Sensibility interconnects.

Thanks, Kencalgary. Pardon the delay replying. I haven't checked the thread in a while. Unfortunately, I think DIY is beyond me. I tend to end up welding rather than soldering...generally not good for heat sensitive components. Still running the Lehman Black Cube. Have to say after a lengthy break-in, vinyl with the KAB Stanton is sounding very enjoyable.