phono pre recommendations for crown jewel cart

i currently have an sfp1 sig. it does not seem to have enough gain (noisy at louder volumes). any suggestions. the budget is not unlimited. output on cart is .5mv. i lean towards tubes; but think ss may be the way to go. pass ono??

thanks jim
assoc equip (if it makes any difference) vpihw19III/fr64fx/jewell elec la100III/merlin vsm-m/rogue120s and other sources
We recommend the Acoustech PH-1 for the Crown Jewel. It is nice and quiet and has a musicality that many solid state phono stages miss.

The other option would be to get one of the Joule Electra phono stages (since you have their linestage already). They are quite a bit more expensive though.
Hi Jvr,
I've been running a Counterpoint SA-9, it will drive just about anything and is very flexible with all the controls on the front of the unit. Enough gain to drive an amp directly.