phono pre or integrated for Soundsmith cartridge

I'm in the process of purchasing "The Voice" moving iron cart.

I've been involved with moving coils and associated phonostages in the past.

But now I only need a moving magnet pnono pre or integrated. I am admittedly ignorant about them.

What would be a healthy match?
It's a difficult question to answer as you provided little information about the rest of your system, tastes, expectations, etc. One piece of advice I can give you, however, is to make sure that your MM phono preamp has enough gain to give you sufficient volume level with the Voice. With a rather low output of 2.12 mV, the Voice will require at least 43 dB of gain, give or take a few dB depending on the gain of your preamp or integrated amp. Anything less will result in low volume and high frustration. Soundsmith carts are also sometimes faulted for sibilance problems so I'd recommend a phono preamp that allows you to experiment with capacitive load.
Everything aside, I used to own the Aida in Ebony wood and it was magical with jazz; extremely musical and lovingly warm. Depending on your musical tastes, you should enjoy it tremendously.