Phono pre - need advise

Dear all, any suggestions for a budget (below $500) phono preamp?
It must have 2 sets of inputs for my two turntables. One is MM (a cheap Audiotechnica cart) and the other is MC (the Denon DL103). The preamp will then connect to my tubed Cayin.
Would be nice to have them both connected and ready to play without having to switch the MM/MC mode (usually by pressing a button). But at this price point is there anything like that on the market?
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Not sure why you are running 2 tables.
Anyway, the Cambridge Azur 651p should work.
Here are a couple that should meet your budget (used only):

Musical Fidelity V-LPS II  
Musical Fidelity kW
KAB Souvenir EQS MK12
Black Cube Twin phono stage

Ones that exceed your budget:

Herron VTPH-2
Nagra VPS
Tron Seven
Rega Aria
Cary PH302
Manley Stingray
Monk Audio Phonostage

Unsurprisingly,the longer list is of the ones that exceed your budget.