Phono Pre for Grado Statement Reference 0.5mV

What would be a good match for the Grado Statement series Reference - low ouput 0.5mV version?
Make a true statement and get a reference level preamp phonostage. I think Aesthetics top o the line is good. I hear that Boulder makes one that is a reference and a statement.
All that aside you must be really into vinyl and I truly think the Manley Steelhead is as good as they get. And it doesn't cost as much as the other big name phonos.
Those are some mighty pricey suggestions for a grado sonata :)
The aesthetics rhea is nice, but uses a multitude of tubes and making it behave quietly is a challenge to say the least - i was unimpressed. I have not heard the Steelhead, but retail is over $7k! Obviously Boulder will be ridiculously priced as well...
In any case, you do need to state your budget. I would think you'd want to stay under $2k for sure, but even then, your choices are many.
For around $300 used, the Lehmann Black Cube (especially with PWX power supply) is a good one. The Grado is also supposed to be decent but I haven't heard it.
A little further up the chain, for around $1200 a used ARC PH3SE will do nicely (it's the one I use with my dynavector 17d3) - dynamics, detail, nice warmth as well as rhythm and flow - it has it all. Even further up the chain is the JLTI (an excellent value, although it can sound a little mechanical, but may be good with the sonata) and then the Pass XONO, which will be under $2k as well (used). The XONO is a real performer, with everything you'd want from a reference phono stage (and also will hold up performance-wise even if you make serious cartridge/table upgrades).
Finally, if you're looking to spend the kind of cash that Mechans is advising, make sure to check out the Rossner and Sohn Canofer. It's around $7k as well I think, and is a reference quality phono (excel stereo in canada sells them, as well as John at
Although mechans offers some nice suggestions, all of them are overkill IMO. Far too much money for a serviceable phono cartridge that can never optimize any of the products mentioned.

I would look for a used Graham Slee Era Gold; they go for $600-$800 and will provide all the performance needed for this cartridge.
Hello Peteraudio7,

I'm using a Grado Statement Master 0.5mv on a Whest Audio PS30RDT and trust me the combo is simply Magical
The Graham Slee Era Gold does not have enough gain for the low output Grado
Thanks for the replies!

I am actually just getting into vinyl. The turntable would be a VPI Scoutmaster. I am looking at pairing the Grado with either the Wright WPP-200C or the Quicksilver phono at the moment. Both are less than a thousand and are a tube based. Both are very well regarded.

I looked into the Graham Slee Era Gold V and the only way for it to work with the Grado is if I purchase the Elevator EXP along with it.

I need to stay under $1000 - which I know narrows it down. But I feel that I can get a very musical phono for this price. The Wright is really calling... heard they can be improved by tube-rolling.

I'm going to take a look at the suggestions made so far...