Phono pre-amps: C-J EF-1 vs. EV-1 vs. Cary??

Does anyone have any comparisons between the C-J EF-1, vs. the EV-1? They both seem to sell for about $1K used. Or with any of the Cary stand-alone phono pre's, or the phono stage built into the SLP-98? I would be using it (for now) with a Rega P-25 & a H.O. Benz Glider. I'm focusing on those choices because I have a Cary SLP-98 pre-amp (w/o phono stage), & a CJ MF2500A power amp. (I'm tempted to send the SLP-98 to Cary for the $400 phono stage install, but at the rate I go thru equipment, figure I'd be better off getting a separate unit). Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
Im in the same boat you are, but I have a SLP94L. Im going to get a Creek until I figure this thing out.
My recommendation is to purchase the EF-1. You may experience 'tube rush' in the EV-1. Phono stages are very sensative in this regard. Although the EV-1 is a fine unit, it is not a Premier 15. The EF-1 is left 'on' to keep the circuits hot and at 100% efficiency. The EV is a tube unit which will need to go through a warm up period. Either way you go you can't really loose with C-J equipment. Also, I think the EF-1 has more internal adjustment capability for gain and loading. I own a EF-1 and am very pleased with its performance.
Get the EV1. I have it and it runs very quiet. I have it set at 1k for my Benz Glider HO on my MMF7. The unit runs quiet, especially for tubes, and offers that gorgeous midrange. I was trying to decide between Cary and CJ and I love the EV1.