phono pre-amp suggestions for music hall mmf-5.1

I was in the market for a new Rega P1 but wound up going with a used Music Hall MMF-5.1. I know most everyone puts Rega well ahead of the competition in the same price range, and I wanted a P3/24 but it was more $$, harder to find the new model (wanted rb301 arm) and I got this for a great deal with a Pro-Ject Speed Box II.

I also liked that the MMF-5.1 has many more features (dual-plinth, RCA connectors rather than fixed cable, record clamp). I figure the mmf-5.1 is better than a rega P1 for sure, maybe on par with a P2, but not as good as a P3. I'm okay with that.

Anyways, this music hall will be joining a Parasound Halo C2 pre/pro, Halo A-52 amp, and KEF reference speakers. I own a NAD phono preamp (PP2) right now that I use with my vintage bang & olfusen turntable at work. The B&O is hooked up to a decent micro system, nothing special.

So... should I buy a new phono preamp for the Music Hall or should I downgrade the one in my office and bring the NAD PP2 home?
What cartridge will you be using and what price range are you looking at? My gut reaction is a Cambridge Audio 640P unless you're looking to spend more.

Your speakers, amp and preamp are well above what the PP2 is going to deliver, keep it at the office.

Good job on the table selection - I'd take the MMF-5.1 over the Rega P1 or P2 any day and would say it's good competition for the P3.
Thanks for the feedback!

The cartridge is the stock goldring gl2200. I will upgrade when the time or urge comes. (i'm guessing the latter)

I guess I wanted to stick around $200 and that Cambridge unit looks like it fits the bill. Any comparision between it and the Phono Box II from Pro-Ject?

I've got to be honest - I'd don't think you're going to find anything in that price range that's going to beat the Cambridge 640P, especially with a MM cartridge like the GL2200. This should give you a very nice setup.

To my ears, the PhonoBox II is in the same league as the NAD unit you have. Both are very capable units but the Cambridge is much much better in every regard. I ran the 640P for several years in a secondary system with very good results.
fair enough. i will probably go with the cambridge unit. it looks like a jump into the $400s before you get into the tube units.
actually someone on here is selling a project tube box for not too much more. shall i get that? : ]
You will like the sound of tubes in your system! If you get bored you can roll some new ones.