Phono pre-amp problems

Hello to all,
I have Sonic Frontiers SFP-1 signature phono stage and wondering if anyone has had this problem with this phono stage. The problem is that when playing an LP the sound will go out and no music will play for approx. 2-3 seconds, then back on, it will do this three or four times in a half hour and I hear a clicking noise inside the phono stage, It's the same clicking I hear when unit is first turned on and when it's warmed up. Every time this happens the led light blinks on the phono stage as if I were turning it on. Anyone care to tackle this one?
Your unit may have a bad power supply, or possibly a bad tube/tubes but I think it might be more serious.
Yes. Bad tube can cause this type of problem. If one of tube has a short, it is possible that LED might go off and blow the fuse.
If there's a left & right tube in question, flip-flop them and see if the clicking & noise moves to the other side. If so, it's the tube, if not, more serious problem.

If the tube complement doesn't allow this, you'll need to try an entire new tube set to test it out.

Sbank, The clicking noise i'm reffering to is from the phono stage and not speakers. when a component is first powered up it goes into stand-by mode for 10-20 seconds then turns on and a click noise happends, this is normal and the phono stage does this every time I power it up, but this does it in the middle of LP play sort of like someone killed the power for a second then turned it back on, the led light blinks on the phono stage for 10 seconds then I hear the click as normal then unit comes on. It's sounding more like a bad on/off switch.
Does the "stand by" circuit need repair? (This is what I thought before reading the various responces.)

Is this a dual mono preamp? If so, I would think possibly a bad tube would only affect one channel, not both..
I know nothing about this particular amp, but it's very common to mute the output of a preamp using relays while it is powered on (to prevent a loud thump going to the speakers).
It sounds like this is malfunctioning, as sugarbrie suggested. I doubt if changing valves would help.
I will take a guess. The initial warm up is used to charge a capacitor to the point where it will activate the relay. (There is more to it than that but that is the basics) If that cap is going bad it will leak voiltage when the unit is on and current is being drawn through it. The voltage being supplied to the relay will drop below what is needed to activate the relay (turning the unit off). When the relay opens current isn't flowing allowing the cap to recharge again reaching the specified voltage (turning the unit back on). Then the process repeats itself. This can be a dificult problem to trouble shoot. A physical inspection of the capacitiors may reveal a leaky cap. If not test equipment will be required as there may be more than one cap. It could also be something else but this is a starting point.

Remember to take the system as a whole.
Jsawhitlock, now that you have explained it better, I believe your mute circuit has problem. I never had SF product so I don't know how it is designed. If there is a bad relay for the mute circuit, please go ahead and replace it.
Artizen65, I think you nailed it! Talked to a tech at Sonic Frontiers today and they said the same thing, a cap leaking voltage is most likely the problem. The bad news is no vinyl for about 3 weeks but the good news is that this is not a high cost fix. Any ideas for a cheap phono stage? Cartridge is Benz Glider L2 so I need something with about 55-60 gain.
I hate to even suggest this. Radio Shack used to sell a phono pre for about 25.00 US. If your are looking for a good backup check out Musical Fidelity. I bought mine for 250.00 new.
That 9V battery powered Radio Shack phono pre is actually pretty good. They do still sell it. Battery power makes it pretty quiet.