Phono Pre amp for a Krell system

Music Hall preamp
Technics SL1900 (My old turntable from 20 years ago)
I am astonished how good it sounds. Turntable has Tyr
cables thru music hall and into KCT.
I love my bass and am looking for a reccomandations for
a good phono stage and later a turntable upgrade
My system is a VPI Aries 2/JMW 10.5/Lyra Helikon, a KCT pre and 400cx amp with cast. After having both Krell and EAR phnono pres in this system, I finally, and happily, settled on an Aesthetix Rhea. Great combination and due the quieteness of the system, I can run the Rhea at 62 dB of gain.
Liberty B2B-1 - Read JA's follow up in this months Stereophile and MF's Glowing review in Last Octobers issue.

And yes I make them :-)


The nice folks at Stereophile put it on their website today
Thank You for your replies.
Which cast are you using. I am using older all black
ones, I am wondering if the Krell MMF version w/ Nordost would be a step up. My speakers are B&W 803(not Diamond)