phono pre-amp

I have a Linn LK 1 preamp. I've recently purchased a JA Michell Gyro SE, Origin Live 250, and a Dynavector Karat Mk 2 MC cartridge. I would like to budget $1000.00. Used or new. thanks, Richard
I have an Aragon 47K phono preamp with upgrade power supply, and like it a lot. For economy, look for a Parasound phono preamp for under $100 used, not too much more new. Michael Fremer (Stereophile) likes the Lehmann Black Cube (?) a lot, and I've seen them for around $600, as I recall. Good luck!
I like my Musical Surroundings Phonomena. It's supposed to be otherworldly with optional battery power supply. I hope to get a battery supply soon.
I also have JAMichell Gyrodec and use an Audio Research PH3. While I am always looking to upgrade my other components (predominantly Levinson), I have not been compelled to do so with PH3. You can find the PH3 at $1000 preowned.
The Electrocompaniet Phono ECP1 is a great unit - smooth and versatile - retails for 995 but you can get one from Audio Heaven for 700 - call 919 - 773-0666 - the guys name is Mike. You will not be sorry.
I agree with Bagwell's assessment of the Audio Research PH3. I bought mine used on Audiogon for less than 1k and have been quite happy with it.
Is the PH 3 a tube unit? Is there someone I could E-Mail off line to get more info about Audio Research? Thanks Richard [email protected]
ARC PH3! Beats my Audible Illusion Moduluse 3A with a gold board. I think the line stage of AIM3A is great, but phono part not as good as PH-3. PH3 uses hybrid FET input and 3 6922 output.
One of the best tube phonos is the EAR 834. They retail new for 1000.00 but you can sometime find one for around 600.00. It is one of the best sounding units under 2000.00.It is both mm and mc with generous gain. Very quite tube phono that rivals units costing twice as much. Good luck.
Have you considered upgrading your preamp to one with an integrated phono stage? The LK-1 is fairly old technology, and Linn's newer preamps such as the Wakonda have not only the slimline brilliant switch-mode power supply, but those with phono have a highly competent MM/MC section. This would also save you money on interconnects. The Wakonda retails for ~$1700 new, so a good used one should be right in your price range. Just food for thought.
You may want to try the Melos PS-1 which is a tube stand alone phono stage, with 6922 tubes, dual mono construction, outboard power supply, completely variable cartridge loading from the front dual mono switches. These can be had for about $700-1000. I have tried the AR PH-1, PH-3, EAR 834 and thought the Melos sounded the best.
I have an EAR 834P and I love it. I picked up mine which was a dealer demo for $600. Just make sure it is a unit that was made from 1996 on up, there was a slight change made to the circuit board. As the stock unit I think it will go head to head with many more expensive units and will out perform most. There is also a gentleman named Steve Huntley at Great Northern Sound Co. who does a killer mod on this unit that will make it truley world class. Steve is formerly from Audio Research, California Audio Labs and Wadia. His number is 651-578-0657. He certainly would be able to give you the low down on most of units mentioned here. I have never auditioned the Melos which really sounds like it could be a great sounding unit judgeing by there past work. I have heard the AR 1 and 3 and feel the EAR 834P for my tastes is a better sounding unit. My personal bias is to have tubes in the front end mated to a great solid state amp. Best of luck in your quest.
Given your budget of under $1K, you should definitely look at the Lehmann Audio Black Cube. It lists new for $700 (the "Improved" version with the non-magnetic housing). I've been using the original version between my digital pre/pro and a VPI HW-19 Mk3/Sumiko arm/Shure V15VxMR, and I've been very pleased with the performance. Used versions can be purchased for around $450. which makes them a genuine bargain as well!